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San Jose Estate Planning Lawyer

Many estate planning lawyers do nothing more than draft your will using form documents. This can be effective, but it is possible to go farther — to do more to protect the people you love and the things you care about.

At the Law Offices of Marleen Brady Kuttner, we take a more complete approach to estate planning. We draft custom estate planning documents for clients with a broad spectrum of complex, challenging and difficult needs. In over 17 years of service to our Northern California and South Bay community, we have become well-known for problem solving.

We often handle matters involving complex assets, real estate closings and property in other countries. Our law firm handles complex estate planning situations for people who need the help of an experienced attorney:

  • We represent people with complex assets. Many of our clients are people who own complex property that can be difficult to plan for. They have unique collections, family businesses, investments and multiple real estate holdings. We have the capacity to handle sophisticated estate plans and provide tax avoidance counsel accordingly.
  • We represent people with international interests. We have served Americans living abroad as well as non citizens living in the United States. Many of our clients are people with holdings in multiple countries. We are familiar with the laws that govern international wills, trusts and estate plans, and can counsel you accordingly.
  • We draft estate planning documents for people facing family tension. When family tensions exist, it is more important than ever to put a complete estate plan in place. We draft estate plans for families in which divorces have taken place, families with step-children and remarriages, fighting siblings, disabled or substance dependent children, and other complex situations. It goes without saying that we respect our clients' confidentiality and handle these matters with the greatest discretion.
  • We help reshape estate plans that are simply not working. Sometimes the terms of a trust just do not work. It may be possible to reform and modify the terms of the trust to better suit your needs, even if the creator of the trust has since passed away.
  • We resolve family fights. Some of the most difficult family fights arise because of estate plans. We use extensive problem solving and in-depth knowledge to resolve matters quickly and effectively.

We don't stop at just the will. We don't just draft the documents. We also make sure that life insurance policies, retirements accounts, 401(k)s, or real estate titles, among other things, are in line with the new estate plan. Otherwise, they could make the plans laid out in your will ineffective, causing stress and tension between your loved ones.

We can do as much or as little as you like — drafting only a few documents or a complete estate plan. Our fees are clear and reasonable, and you will never pay for documents that you do not need.

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Contact the Law Offices of Marleen Brady Kuttner in Campbell, California, at 408-371-0854 to speak with a San Jose complex estate planning attorney about the legal matters that affect you.

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