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San Jose Real Estate Law Attorney

At the Law Offices of Marleen Brady Kuttner, we guide families through the trust administration or probate process, including marshalling the assets, paying the creditors to the estate and filing the necessary papers in court. We also handle complex inheritance and estate tax returns, and real estate sales, focusing on solving difficult and complex problems.

If needed, we help our clients resolve difficult probate matters. Going above and beyond for our clients, we solve problems and get things running smoothly again. We have the capacity to represent clients with interests in other countries, to handle collections of rare objects, to resolve disputes over the final wishes of the deceased, and to handle other highly personal matters that can divide families.

Much of our work involves conducting real estate sales as part of the probate process. We handle every aspect of these escrow closings, making sure that things run smoothly. This is especially critical in the recent economy as houses have become challenging to sell. A thorough job is needed in order to protect your interests and help ensure a quick sale.

Saving the Family Home

The costs of medical care can be astronomical. It is not uncommon for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to take everything. Older patients may lose their life savings and their families' homes. Many are left with nothing to pass on to the people they love.

At the Law Offices of Marleen Brady Kuttner, we have a solution. We can create a Medicaid planning trust (called a "family grantor trust") that serves as an irrevocable trust, protecting the family home from recovery actions. The parent still retains a right of occupancy in the property during his or her lifetime.

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